Search and                          management
                         of partners 

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Are you looking for new international partners that will help boost your business revenue?


Are you satisfied of the results of your business partner?
Is the quality of your partner's cooperation meeting your company's expectations?

Do you need a partner in the country of destination that
- acts as a company or a reseller,
- is able to ensure that your products are developed to the target country in accordance with the customer's requirements and
- cooperates efficiently with your company?


We offer 
a competent and efficient service
based on your needs and your specific expectations for

search and management
of international partners.

International partners can be:
• wholesalers
• distributors
• retailers
• agents joint
• venture partners, etc.


International resale

How is resale defined? What are the benefits, challenges and requirements of international resale? How looking for international resellers? How do you negotiate with them and work together?...


Resale management

Why should a reseller be well trained at the very beginning? How to communicate with, follow, make more committed to sales results? How to manage conflicts in resale channels?...

Do you believe we could provide value added to your company in the search and management of profitable international partners for your export needs and expectations? Please contact me and let's discuss further:

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