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Who am I?

I am originated from France where I graduated M.Sc., I have been living and working in Finland for many decades. French as well as Finnish culture and working environments are very familiar to me. My working approach has always naturally been international and I very much enjoy it.

Why export?

In terms of population Finland, compared to France, is a small country. Finland is depending on foreign trade and needs to enable companies to compete at home and abroad. In terms of export I strongly believe that the growth in Finnish exports should strive to be genuinely influenced. I also believe that multi-culture is a real competitive advantage for companies. It should be utilized as efficiently as possible, especially now that international know-how is available.

That is to say...

What competencies do I offer for your business?

I offer your company 25 years experience in product development and management in the domain of mobile phone networks. I mainly worked in project management and partnering within international working environments. I also successfully managed production transfer of Finnish products to Belgium and France as well as worked as an equipment manager in a joint European product integration project in Paris. My technical competence is related to electronics, microwave technics, electromechanics and electrical power engineering.

I participated in an export training and I am familiar on a practical level with the whole export process always from planning and implementation to after-sales. Alongside I actively handled export tasks for small Finnish growth companies to Middle Europe in other things in the domains of geothermal heat pump systems, log houses and ecological thermal insulation and particularly in market research and dealer search. In practice I have readiness to offer companies my export expertise and my international personality in virtually nearly all industrial sectors.

In addition to my strong professional knowledge of French (my mother tongue), Finnish and English as well as commercial systems, my strengths are specially related to working culture and environments of medium-sized and large companies.

What is my approach as an international export expert?

I try to bring my versatile experience in export, sales and marketing, as well as my French and work culture skills to Finnish export companies, but also to Finnish companies in French-speaking countries. In addition, from the point of view of export promotion, one of my goals is to benefit of my active activity to increase the awareness of francophony in Finland.

Another thing is that Finland is seen as a country of high education and thus creates new and develops innovativeness. For instance, in France, technology products play an important role and national and European production is encouraged. Particularly in the field of high technology, European competence is favored. It should also be remembered that activities in France are very focused on Paris, but there are other major growth centers that would be easier to gain visibility and reach the desired clientele.

Export process in practice

Practical implementation of export business requires careful planning and a number of issues to be investigated. The company must realistically determine the conditions of export both for internal as well as external factors.

The scope and detail of the export plan is determined on the basis of the company's own needs and objectives. Among other things the following aspects should be gone through:

1. What product to what market?
2. Information acquisition in home country and abroad.
3. Customer target group, distribution channel selection and export channels.
4. Marketing and promotion of sales.
5. What contracts are needed (i.e. agent, transportation, freight forwarding)?
6. Insurances and delivery terms.
7. Practical measures for export deliveries.
8. Pricing.
9. Start-up costs, financing and guarantees for export activities.
10. Budgeting of export business.


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