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French language in the world


The working and management cultures between
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The French working culture in a nutshell


The French management culture: insider view from outside

Why language assistance?

My mother tongue is French. I have been living and working in Finland for many decades and I also manage fluently in Finnish and English. I have been involved in international tasks, where I learned a lot about working cultures when dealing with different nationalities. Over the years, I also did a lot of translation work in the three languages.

Your business could clearly benefit from my language strength and versatile knowledge of cultures. Managing languages and cultures in dealing with issues:
- clearly increases speed and flexibility
- facilitate international communication
- improve customer service functionality
- the competitiveness of the company and the potential for success will improve.

Why negotiation assistance?

In addition to my technical and project management competences I have a strong experience in contract and customer negotiations and I have the ability to solve difficult concepts and find multi-step solutions. It is motivating to trade when both parties have the full assurance and understanding of what's going to happen.

Strong and versatile expertise in the trade process speeds up trade and makes it safe. Afterwards price conciliation through legal proceedings or trade dismantling is quite expensive compared to the use of professional skills already in use when trading.

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